Gluten Free Options

YES! We have a designated deep fryer so you CAN have fries and wings!

    • Gluten Free

    • Salads

      Garden Salads • Ceasar Salads • Everglades Salad • Strawberry-Pecan Salad

      (ask for no croutons on any of our salads)

      All Salad Dressings: Ranch • Blue Cheese • Honey Mustard • Herb Vinaigrette • Ceasar

    • Appetizers

      Peel & Eat Shrimp (regular, Cajun or Sunset)

      Chicken Wings All Flavors (ask for gluten-free frying)

      Oysters on the Half Shell

      Blackened Fresh Catch Bites

      Plantain Tostones with Black Beans

      Smoked Fish Dip

    • Entrees

      All Fish, Shrimp, Shellfish, Chicken, or Beef Prepared:

      Grilled • Blackened • Broiled • Sauteed

      Charleston Shrimp & Grits (ask for GF side order instead of garlic bread)

      Bourbon & Peach Grilled Shrimp

      Honey Pepper Grilled Shrimp

      BBQ Bacon Wrapped Shrimp (ask for plain/gluten free BBQ sauce)

    • Dips & Sauces

      Tartar Sauce • Cocktail Sauce • Pina Colada Sauce • Cajun Remoulade

    • Side Orders

      French Fries • Sweet Potato Fries • Mashed Potatoes • Coleslaw

      Baked Beans • Black Beans • Yellow Rice • Fresh Vegetable

    • Desserts

      Homemade Mud Puppy

      Love Boat Ice Cream Made in Fort Myers, FL

      (ask your server for the GF flavor as some flavors may have cookies or crumbs added)

    • Allergens/Dietary Restrictions


      Please notify your server if you have a severe food allergy and they will consult with the kitchen regarding ingredients and safe food handling for your meal. Since our food is homemade and cooked to order, we know what goes into it and can check ingredients for you. Please note that cooks must go through extra steps for allergen safety, so please only use this designation for actual allergies and not for dietary restrictions or preferences (for example having actual celiac disease gluten allergy vs. choosing not to eat wheat products.)

      Dietary Restrictions/Preferences

      If you are on a restricted eating style such as grain-free, pescatarian or paleo, you can look through our menu and work with your server to prepare a meal that will suit your needs.