Fresh Fish

    • Fresh Fish Selections

      All Entrees Include 2 Side Orders

    • Fresh Catches of the Day


      A generous 1/2 pound of our daily Florida Gulf fish selections delivered fresh from the docks, cooked to your specification.

      Grilled • Blackened • Fried • Sauteed • Broiled

    • Pecan Encrusted


      Your choice of fresh fish pan-fried in a light coating of Georgia pecans, served with our sweet coconut sauce.

    • Nawlins


      Your choice of fresh fish blackened New Orleans style, and topped with a made to order creamy Cajun pepper sauce.

    • Southern Style “Fish & Chips”


      Mild and flaky Atlantic Flounder tossed in crispy breadcrumbs lightly fried, served with fries, coleslaw and tartar sauce.