Shellfish Platters and Crab

    • Fresh Shellfish Platters

      Includes Choice of 2 Side Dishes (unless noted). Great with Our Homemade Sauces - Choose Zesty Cocktail or Creamy Tartar

    • Did You Know?

      We take the extra step and “designate” our deep fryers so seafood is never fried with french fries or poultry, and gluten-free diners know their french fries are free from wheat. We use only 100% pure vegetable oils, and we never use trans-fats or hydrogenated oils in our cooking.

    • Gulf Oysters


      Fresh, plump “select” Gulf oysters lightly dredged in seasoned flour and flash fried until crisp.

    • Soft Shell Blue Crabs

      Two whole jumbo blue crabs, flour dredged and fired to perfection. (seasonal availability/pricing)

    • Blue Crab Cakes


      Two large, handmade blue crab cakes filled with chunks of real lump crab meat, tossed with fresh herbs, and bread crumbs then pan-fried golden brown.

    • Scallops


      Fresh from the Atlantic side, a generous portion of jumbo, sweet sea scallops cooked the way you like them.

      Grilled • Blackened • Fried • Pan-Seared • Broiled

    • Clams


      We use fresh, not frozen clam strips and a light dusting of seasoned flour, then flash fry so they’re crispy but stay tender.

    • Combo Platters


      Pick your two favorite shellfish and we fry them fresh to order.

      Shrimp • Scallops • Oysters • Clams

    • Florida Blue, Soft & Stone Crabs

      We offer local Florida whole blue crabs (hard-shell and soft-shell) and stone crab claws as seasonal supplies are available (ask your server.)

    • Snow Crab Legs


      Since Florida crabs are very seasonal, we ship in Canadian snow crab to satisfy your crab craving year-round. Full pound of legs served with drawn butter.